Environmental Monitoring for Cannabis Cultivation

Indoor Agriculture

Increase Yield

Cannabis operations typically include multiple types of grow rooms, each with unique environmental conditions. To further complicate the situation, monitoring at the canopy level has proven to be both difficult and costly. AntrumX™ centralized sensing monitors the Indoor Air Quality of up to 32 unique zones from a single location, leading to more accurate and consistent data for increased yield and repeatable results.


AntrumX has the ability to analyze 16 individual zones with one sensor, simplifying and reducing maintenance.


Provide your indoor growing environment with the ability to identify and replicate the ideal growing conditions, per plant species, to consistently maximize product yields.


AntrumX keeps sensors and electronics outside of the grow room, creating a completely sensed and wash-down ready facility.

Sample Indoor Agriculture Installation

  1. Monitoring Panel
  2. Air Accelerator
  3. Faceplate
  4. 1″ Duct Probe

Commonly Sensed Points: NH3 | CO2 | CO | DP | CH2O | NO2 | O2 | O3 | PM0.1 | PM0.3 | PM0.5 | PM1.0 | PM2.5 | R-410a, R32, R454B | RH | TVOC | TVOC (PID) | TVOCi

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