How It Works

More Sensing, Fewer SensorsTM

  1. Quarter inch tubing transports air samples from the faceplate or duct probe in the monitored zones to the sensor pack.
  2. Using building differential pressure, the air accelerator is connected to the supply duct to create a vacuum and draw air samples from the zone to the monitored panel.
  3. Air samples from each zone are drawn back to the panel simultaneously. Using a bank of solenoid valves each zone is monitored independently while all other zones are exhausted.
  4. Using a BTL-listed gateway AntrumX communicates data to the BMS and cloud over a secure network.
  1. AntrumX communicates IAQ data to the BMS over ANY protocol (BACnet, Monbus, N2, etc).
  2. Antrum X Requires one 120v connection.
  3. Sensors can be calibrated or replaced at one easily-accessible point of service.

Smart sensing saves energy.

Access detailed reports anywhere, anytime.