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Our goal is to change the world, one breath at a time. Antrum believes indoor air quality is integral to human health and well-being. Our mission is to help make continuous IAQ monitoring the standard, as opposed to an option, while delivering a product that prioritizes efficiency at every turn, incentivizing healthy outcomes with increased energy and maintenance savings.

IAQ is a growing space. Monitoring is one of IAQ’s largest sub-markets. Our patented technology is a differentiator on bid day, but designed to evolve over the life of the building.

AntrumX continuously monitors indoor air quality with centralized sensors, substantially reducing maintenance costs while providing you with the data you need to realize measurably better indoor air quality and energy savings.

AntrumEYE is a multi-level subscription service that provides facility managers with real time IAQ data from AntrumX. You can access readings and detailed reports on your computer or mobile device. Through smart analytics, push-alerts, and a monthly analysis of the monitored spaces, AntrumEYE provides critical IAQ data anywhere, anytime.

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