Know Your Air.

Improve Indoor Air Quality. Optimize ventilation. Breathe easy.

Antrum engineers continuous indoor air quality monitoring systems, which when integrated with your BMS, create healthier, more efficient buildings.

AntrumX™ monitors the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of up to 32 spaces from a single location. Using zero moving parts, our centralized sensing technology delivers more accurate data than traditional IAQ monitoring systems on a scalable platform, so as the science of IAQ monitoring evolves, your building can too.

2022 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Competition Winner: Indoor Air Quality
Visit us at Booth C1071 and learn more about how AntrumX’s centralized sensing technology is revolutionizing Indoor Air Quality monitoring systems at our New Tech Presentation, Wednesday, Feb. 2 at 1:45 PM in Theater A-N253.

centralized makes sense

Centralized means accessible and accurate for the life of the building. AntrumX’s centralized IAQ monitoring uses just 6% of the sensors found in traditional systems. Where traditional sensing systems employ one space-mounted sensor for every monitored space, centralizing the sensors in an easily accessible mechanical room allows for more efficient maintenance and calibration. This guarantees more accurate, consistent, and cost-effective IAQ data, leading to a healthier and more efficient building.

Investing in the Future

Education, commercial, and healthcare facilities have complex ventilation requirements. That complexity often increases over time as facilities retrofit and expand. AntrumX IAQ monitoring is designed to evolve with the building and help building management systems account for any changes that may occur.