DCV For Classrooms


Streamline Maintenance, Improve IAQ, Save Energy

It’s a no-brainer. Healthy air keeps kids healthy. Better indoor air quality correlates with increased student attendance and performance. But the reality is, most schools lack the resources to maintain the volume of wall-mounted sensors required to achieve their goals.


With AntrumX™, a differential CO2 based demand-controlled ventilation strategy has proven to cancel sensor drift and save upwards of 20% of ventilation energy.


Use AntrumX to measure and verify acceptable levels of CO2, ozone, particulate matter, and many more contaminants to execute DCV, while simplifying the 5-year calibration interval as specified in ASHRAE 62.1.


Using just 6% of the sensors found in traditional solutions—1 centralized sensor for every 16 wall-mounted sensors—AntrumX allows your facility teams to calibrate 16 zones simultaneously in under one minute.

Sample Education Installation

  1. Monitoring Panel
  2. Air Accelerator
  3. Faceplate

Commonly Sensed Points: NH3 | CO2 | CO | DP | CH2O | NO2 | O2 | O3 | PM0.1 | PM0.3 | PM0.5 | PM1.0 | PM2.5 | R-410a, R32, R454B | RH | TVOC | TVOC (PID) | TVOCi

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