VRV/VRF Refrigerant Monitoring

Gas Detection

Reduce Expenses, Maximize Savings

Pressurized refrigerant systems are susceptible to leaking. When they do, they can create a hazardous indoor environment.

The primary standards regarding refrigerant use are ASHRAE standards 15 and 34, which are classified as “National Voluntary Consensus Standards” and are therefore left up to the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). AntrumX’s centralized sensing platform is the ideal solution for IAQ sensing in Variable Refrigerant Volume and Variable Refrigerant Flow environments.


Reduce refrigerant expenses, limit repair costs, and minimize revenue losses.

15 & 34

With the introduction of A2L refrigerants and associated lower flammability limits, AntrumX provides peace of mind to owners and engineers by validating that the HVAC system aligns with ASHRAE 15 and 34 guidelines.


Using just 6% of the sensors found in traditional solutions—1 centralized sensor for every 16 wall-mounted sensors—AntrumXTM allows your facilities’ sensors to be calibrated in a matter of minutes, and allows you to scale monitoring capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Sample Refrigerant Monitoring Installation

  1. Monitoring Panel
  2. Air Accelerator
  3. Faceplate
  4. 1″ Duct Probe

Commonly Sensed Points: NH3 | CO2 | CO | DP | CH2O | NO2 | O2 | O3 | PM0.1 | PM0.3 | PM0.5 | PM1.0 | PM2.5 | R32, R454B | RH | TVOC | TVOC (PID) | TVOCi

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