CO and NO2 Monitoring

Gas Detection

Parking Structures: Optimize Monitoring, Save Energy

CO and NO2 are two common airborne contaminants in parking structures. Their presence raises safety concerns and underscores the need for demand-based ventilation. The AntrumX™ centralized sensing platform has revolutionized the way facilities are managed. Consolidating 32 individual sensors or transmitters into a single device, AntrumX provides more sensing with fewer sensors.


Monitoring the indoor environment for potential gases eliminates the need for costly predetermined air change rates, and enables the ventilation system to reduce airflow to 20% or less of design capacity as specified in ASHRAE 90.1.


Use AntrumX  for parking garages to automatically detect and control contaminant levels as specified in ASHRAE 62.1.


Using just 6% of the sensors found in traditional solutions—1 centralized sensor for every 16 wall-mounted sensors—AntrumX allows your facilities’ sensors to be calibrated in a matter of minutes without the need for calibration gas kits

Sample Parking Garage Installation

  1. Monitoring Panel
  2. Fan Kit
  3. Faceplate

Commonly Sensed Points: NH3 | CO2 | CO | DP | CH2O | NO2 | O2 | O3 | PM0.1 | PM0.3 | PM0.5 | PM1.0 | PM2.5 | R-410a, R32, R454B | RH | TVOC | TVOC (PID) | TVOCi

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