Oxygen Depletion for MRI Rooms


Monitor MRI Rooms Efficiently

MRI machines require large amounts of helium to maintain the required magnetic field. In the event of a helium leak, not only is the machine at risk of improper operation, any individual in the room is at risk, as the room may be deprived of oxygen.


The calibration procedure does not require expensive field calibration gasses accompanied with a detailed time-consuming process. Simply replace the old sensor with the new sensor which takes less than one minute.


In accordance with OSHA requirements for protecting employees in confined spaces, the National Institutes of Health (authored by the Division of Occupational Health and Safety DOHS) requires an oxygen depletion unit be installed in an MRI room due to the potential risk of a helium leak, and subsequent reduction of oxygen in the room.


AntrumX’s patented technology uses zero moving parts. That means zero loud, maintenance-intensive pumps and zero energy input to the system.

Sample MRI Installation

  1. Sensor Pack
  2. Air Accelerator
  3. Faceplate
  4. 1″ Duct Probe

Commonly Sensed Points: NH3 | CO2 | CO | DP | CH2O | NO2 | O2 | O3 | PM0.1 | PM0.3 | PM0.5 | PM1.0 | PM2.5 | R-410a, R32, R454B | RH | TVOC | TVOC (PID) | TVOCi

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