indoor air quality software

AntrumEYE™ is an optional tiered subscription service that gives building managers access to readings and detailed reports on their computer or mobile device. Through smart analytics, push-alerts, and a monthly analysis of monitored spaces, AntrumEYE delivers critical IAQ data anywhere, anytime.

Your initial AntrumX™ purchase gives you access to AntrumEYE’s silver tier subscription at no additional cost for the first year.

Sensor drift is a common problem that can lead to inaccurate readings. Although our sensor pack has a lifetime of eight years, we strongly encourage our gold tier subscription, which includes an annual panel inspection and sensor pack replacement to maximize your investment.

Data is available through your BMS at no additional cost for the life of AntrumX. You have the ability to upgrade or replace your sensor pack at any time, no subscription required.

identify & analyze

The AntrumEYE dashboard alerts building managers to potential problem areas, and provides easy-to-navigate access to the data you need to understand and optimize your indoor environment.

Use the day and week tabs to visualize data and identify trends regarding the effectiveness of your ventilation strategy.

When using the mobile app, click the hardware button to access the sensor pack. Perform a leak test, and see which rooms are being monitored, on which channel, and what the dwell time is of each.

You can also verify the status of the gateway to ensure that it’s connected to both the internet and the building management system.

AntrumEye™ Subscription Tiers - Providing varying levels of data access and online/mobile tools.
Campus-level IAQ Data
Building Manager Tool
Organization and User Manager Tool
Room-level IAQ Data
Charts, Reports and Alerts

  • Panel PM
  • Sensor Pack Calibration
  • Associated Inspection Report


  • Sensor Pack needs to be replaced every 8 years. Replacement cost is not included with subscription.
  • Once you select a tier, you can cancel or upgrade/downgrade at any time.

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