case studies

Cook-DeVos Health Sciences Building

Grand Valley State University

Since 2011, Grand Valley State University (GVSU) has been developing an air quality monitoring system – now known as AntrumX™ – that utilizes multipoint air sampling to determine a building’s indoor air quality in real-time, allowing for optimal ventilation.

AntrumX’s patented technology (US 10,563,886, and 2 applications) is a paradigm shift in air quality monitoring—sensors located in a centralized panel continuously receiving air samples from each room. The total system is comprised of an air sample return unit, an airflow controller, and at least one commercially viable sensor (CO2, TVOC and/or particle).

Graph 1. GVSU Cook-DeVos Health Sciences Building Energy Savings (implementation of 233 rooms, 5 stories, 2012-2017)


savings on installation costs


moving parts, minimizing maintenance


reduction in building energy usage

AntrumX is designed to provide frequent, real-time sampling of multiple rooms, the cycle of which is only limited to the required sensor dwell-time specification. Following sensor “read,” the generated data is translated, displayed, and communicated to the HVAC building management system.

The prototype air quality system, predecessor of AntrumX, has been deployed in 9 buildings at GVSU, both retrofit and new build, and through analysis the system has been shown to save more than 50% on installation costs, minimize maintenance, AND reduce building energy usage 10-30% (Graph 1).