CO2 monitoring

AntrumX™ centralizes sensors in our patented sensor pack, allowing multiple indoor air quality (IAQ) parameters to be measured simultaneously from an easily accessible location. AntrumX continuously draws air samples from each monitored space to the sensor pack located in the control panel, where it measures and reports data to the building management system and the cloud for further analysis.

Carbon Dioxide, a colorless gas with a faint, sharp odor and a sour taste, is a key indicator of IAQ. CO2 is a byproduct of combustion, as well as a result of the metabolic process in living organisms. Because CO2 is a result of human metabolism, concentrations within a building are often used to indicate occupancy levels, and to determine whether fresh air is being adequately supplied to the space.

Under typical conditions, outdoor CO2 levels are lower than those in indoor air; therefore, the more fresh air supplied to a space, the lower the concentration of CO2.

Supplying the necessary volume of outdoor air to maintain appropriate CO2 concentration is essential to your building’s indoor air quality. Additionally, optimized ventilation dilutes the concentration of airborne contaminants, improves occupant comfort and efficiency, and decreases energy usage and cost.

The CO2 sensor in the AntrumX sensor pack employs patented CMOS technology for precision, reliability, and functionality. Weak analog sensor signals are amplified and digitized where they are generated, thereby making them resistant to interference. CMOS paired with NDIR measurement technology is the foundation of Antrum’s world-class sensor accuracy.

AntrumX’s centralized IAQ monitoring technology guarantees more accurate, consistent, and cost-effective IAQ data, leading to a healthier and more efficient building.

CO2 Sensor Specification
Typical Application
lAQ Monitoring, Demand
Control Ventilation (DCV)
400 – 10,000 ppm
Accuracy+/-30 ppm
+/- 10 ppm
Temp Stability
2.5 ppm / °C
Sample Time