monitoring indoor air quality and schools

K-12 and higher education facilities have complex ventilation requirements. That complexity often increases over time as facilities retrofit and expand. AntrumX™ IAQ monitoring is designed to evolve with the building and help building management systems account for any changes that may occur.

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Graph 1. GVSU Cook-DeVos Health Sciences Building Energy Savings (implementation of 233 rooms, 5 stories, 2012-2017)


savings on installation costs


moving parts, minimizing maintenance


reduction in building energy usage

AntrumX is currently installed at Grand Valley State University (GVSU), monitoring over 600 rooms and 900,000 square feet. GVSU uses the data from our technology to optimize ventilation, executing demand control ventilation by continuously rewriting the minimum and maximum ventilation rate for each room. This strategy led to a 30% energy savings while also maintaining safe and healthy spaces for students and faculty.

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