why antrum?

Antrum’s centralized IAQ monitoring technology provides your building management system and facilities managers with the real time data needed to ensure the healthiest air quality possible for your building’s occupants—all while optimizing ventilation for increased energy savings.

AntrumX™ is built on a centralized, scalable platform with no moving parts. While the concept of centralized sensing is not new, the combination of our system’s scalability, which uses 6% of the sensors of traditional systems, and our air accelerator, which moves air to our monitoring panel with no moving parts, is what differentiates our technology. These differentiators are critical because they allow building managers to optimize ventilation while saving energy and money.

The problem AntrumX and AntrumEYE™ solve is one of missing information. All too often the building management system has to assume what’s happening in the space. Our technology provides room-level information to the BMS, allowing it to optimize ventilation. Not the minimum or the maximum, but the right amount of ventilation. In doing so, the BMS is equipped to better manage IAQ AND save energy, without having to choose between the two.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we should better understand the quality of the air we’re breathing. Antrum’s IAQ monitoring technology gives building managers the data they need to ensure the air quality in the spaces where we work and live.