how it works

centralized iaq monitoring

Traditional demand control ventilation systems have multiple sensors in every room of your building, making routine maintenance and calibration a challenge. AntrumX’s technology, on the other hand, continuously monitors the IAQ of up to 32 spaces from a single location, delivering more accurate and consistent data.

AntrumX™ samples air in a centrally located panel, substantially reducing maintenance costs while providing you with the data you need to optimize ventilation, resulting in energy savings and improved indoor air quality.

AntrumEYE™ creates a profile of the indoor air environment and analyzes the IAQ data to deliver proactive reports that identify trends and rectify problem areas, leading to more effective air quality management.

Antrum’s patented IAQ technology solves the maintenance and calibration issues associated with traditional demand control ventilation systems, extending equipment life and optimizing energy without sacrificing IAQ.

get the most out of your indoor air quality equipment

ASHRAE states that there are three widely accepted approaches to improving IAQ in buildings: source control, ventilation, and air cleaning. Regardless of which strategies you choose for your building, Antrum’s continuous IAQ monitoring is the most effective way to confirm your intended results are the actual results.

AntrumX and AntrumEYE make continuous IAQ monitoring easy, accurate, and efficient.

allows for lab control accuracy at a fraction of the price.

optional tiered subscription service with smart analytics and real time alerts.