how we monitor indoor air quality

AntrumX’s patented air accelerator uses your building’s airflow to create a vacuum that continuously draws air from every monitored space. Air travels from the faceplate in every room through quarter inch tubing to our patented sensor pack located in the mechanical room. There, it’s analyzed and IAQ data is communicated to the BMS, allowing you to optimize ventilation, create healthy spaces, and save energy. IAQ data is also communicated to the cloud. You can access detailed reports from your computer or smart phone, anywhere, anytime with AntrumEYE™.

antrumx components

AntrumX is comprised of three main parts, the air accelerator, the faceplate, and the monitoring panel, all of which are connected by easy-to-install tubing, making installation simple. The monitoring panel is commissioned through the Antrum mobile app, with no special hardware or software required.

air accelerator

Antrum’s patented air accelerator uses the building supply pressure of the existing HVAC system to create a continuous vacuum in every room being monitored—the room being actively sampled as well as the idle rooms. The air accelerator is connected to the multiplexer, which selects and routes one room to the sensor pack every minute. There, the room air is sampled and IAQ parameters are measured and reported to the cloud and BMS. There are no moving parts on the air accelerator and therefore no energy input to the system other than the negligible parasitic loss on the supply and exhaust fan motors in the AHU serving the rooms being sampled.

Security Summary

AntrumX uses an onboard secure element to store encrypted certificates for communicating with AntrumEYE APIs over HTTPS using TLS. AntrumX utilizes X.509 certificate for identity, a minimum 2048 bit RSA key, and asymmetric cryptography to ensure that customer data is encrypted end to end.

ease of

AntrumX is installed without any special software, equipment, or tools. To install:

  • Route tubing from the faceplate in each monitored space back to the monitoring panel.
  • Connect air accelerator to the suction port on the monitoring panel. Panel requires 120V power, BMS, and an ethernet connection. NO additional wiring.

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