tvoc monitoring

AntrumX™ centralizes sensors in our patented sensor pack, allowing multiple indoor air quality (IAQ) parameters to be measured simultaneously from an easily accessible location. AntrumX continuously draws air samples from each monitored space to the sensor pack located in the control panel, where it measures and reports data to the building management system and the cloud for further analysis.

Total volatile organic compounds are emitted as gases from certain solids and liquids. TVOCs include a variety of chemicals emitted by a wide array of everyday products (e.g., paint, disinfectants, clothing, building materials, and office equipment).

TVOC concentrations are consistently higher—up to ten times—indoors than they are outdoors, which can result in adverse short- and long-term health effects like eye, nose, and throat irritation, headaches, and nausea.

Supplying adequate outdoor air and maintaining appropriate ventilation are critical to reducing TVOC exposure inside commercial buildings. Optimized ventilation dilutes airborne concentrations of indoor contaminants, improving indoor air quality, occupant comfort, and the overall health of the building.

The TVOC sensor in the AntrumX sensor pack utilizes patented CMOS technology and metal oxide-based sensing for long-term stability. The biggest advantage of a metal oxide sensor is its high sensitivity to a variety of target gases, such as TVOCs and hydrogen.

The output of our TVOC sensor is an index. The sensor takes readings over a 24 hour period to establish a baseline, and then spends the next 24 hours measuring and reporting how well the building is performing with respect to that baseline.

AntrumX’s centralized IAQ monitoring technology guarantees more accurate, consistent, and cost-effective IAQ data, leading to a healthier and more efficient building.

Volatile Organic Compound Sensor Specification
Typical Application
lAQ Monitoring, Demand
Control Ventilation (DCV)
.3 – 30 ppm
0 – 1.000 ppm
AccuracyGreater of:
<50 or <10% of reading ppb
+/- 5 index points
Drift Stability
+/- 15 index points
Sample Time

*ethanol equivalents