covid-19 and indoor air quality

In a world where indoor air quality matters more than ever, AntrumX™ gives you the data you need to act on your building’s IAQ needs with integrity you can measure and efficiency you can count on.

According to the EPA and ASHRAE, precautions to reduce the potential for airborne transmission of COVID-19 and other viruses include increasing ventilation with outdoor air and air filtration. Looking ahead to a post-pandemic world, air safety will continue to be a top priority. To ensure the health of both buildings and their occupants, it will be important for facilities managers to take the following actions, all of which AntrumX and AntrumEYE™ are designed to help you address:

  • Inspect
    • Ensure the air your occupants are breathing meets quality standards
  • Ventilate
    • Ensure that optimized ventilation results in lower CO2 levels in every space
  • Filter
    • Ensure any increased filtration measures you take result in reduced particulate matter
  • Cleanse
    • Ensure any air-cleaning measures you take result in lower TVOCs and particulate matter
  • Energy Use Considerations
    • Optimize ventilation and conserve energy without compromising your Indoor Air Quality

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we should better understand the quality of the air we breathe. If we’re not continuously monitoring IAQ, we simply do not know if our air quality is what it should be. AntrumX and AntrumEYE give you the tools and data you need to stay informed and act in the best interests of your building and its occupants.